Alexis “Golden Girl” Lavarine
The New Orleans Louisiana Amateur Boxing Phenom and Future Gold Medalist!

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Alexis ‘Golden Girl’ Lavarine

At the age of 7, Alexis Lavarine came to her father and told him that she wanted to start boxing just like the guys on television. Her father, David Lavarine, told Alexis that boxing is only for boys and it is not for girls. Weeks later after Alexis’ interest grew, her father took her to a boxing show where she sat for 7 hours, and loved every minute of it.

Alexis had already begun participating in traditional sports like basketball, softball, track and soccer since the age of 5. Her father decided to take her to the nearest boxing gym and let her give it a try. Her father thought it would be a good workout and since she was the only female in the gym she would eventually lose interest.

After 6 months of training at the Boxing gym, Alexis was hooked. This sport was right up her alley. Instead of abandoning the sport, she gravitated toward it. She also brought her father in as the coach. Alexis had aggressive contact and a chance to compete without having to count on anyone else. Alexis was now in Heaven!


While her boxing career continues its prodigious ascent into rarefied air, Alexis Lavarine has been setting her sights on the 2020 Summer Olympics, and she won’t be satisfied until she earns a gold medal. – ESPN 


Alexis Lavarine has a puncher’s chance of getting to Tokyo Olympics in 2020

By Rosalyn Eason – Article

Alexis Lavarine selected The Greater New Orleans Amateur Athlete of the Month

By John Sudsbury – Crescent City Sports

With help from her dad, 14-year-old boxing phenom has sights set on 2020 Olympics


Alexis Lavarine joins fellow USA Boxing team members at Olympic Training Center

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Fighting her way to the Olympics: What it’s like to be a 14-year-old champion boxer

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Tokyo 2020 Olympic dreams for Kenner’s Alexis Lavarine


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